How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Reno Home

In our Reno service area, we have several pest roaches. The four we see the most are German, Oriental, American, and brown-banded cockroaches. Each species is somewhat different. Some require higher levels of moisture than others. Some carry their eggs cases, while others don't. Some can fly. Some don't. These slight differences are helpful to know if you want to get rid of a cockroach infestation, but it is far more important to understand what makes them the same. Here is a quick guide for cockroach control in Reno.

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Why Cockroaches Are Difficult To Control

Before you can understand what works, you need to know how these insects can evade your control attempts.

  • Cockroaches are hearty insects. They can crawl across surfaces that have been sprayed with toxic chemicals. When these chemicals are detected, they move away quickly. If they survive the exposure, which they often do, nymphs shed their skins and create new skins that are more resistant to the chemical. Spraying chemicals in your home can actually make your roaches tougher.

  • The chemical resistance cockroaches develop is at a gene level. When a chemically resistant cockroach mates with another, they can have chemically resistant offspring. In the last century, cockroaches in America have become surprisingly resistant to several common products used to exterminate them.

  • Cockroaches don't just alter their skins, they can alter their taste buds. Researchers have discovered that certain populations of German cockroaches have developed an aversion to roach baits. The sweet ingredient in roach baits now appears to repel these roaches, rather than attract them.

  • Many homeowners attempt to use eco-friendly products, such as borate, to eliminate cockroaches. This is a pretty good idea if it is applied correctly. Unfortunately, cockroaches are likely to avoid areas where there is too much powder visible. This is because they grip tiny pores and dents in surfaces as they crawl. Powder makes it difficult for cockroaches to find these grip points and hold onto them.

There are far more reasons why cockroaches are difficult to control but, for the sake of brevity, we'll move on to how these challenging issues can be overcome.

What Works To Control Cockroaches

Several control methods are needed when dealing with cockroaches. All of the methods used need to take into account the biology and behaviors of these insects.


When you take steps to protect your food and keep your home clean, it can have a big impact on cockroaches. While it might not completely drive them out, it can stunt their population growth, and help to protect you from cockroach-related illnesses.

  • Routinely clean floors and surfaces.

  • Keep trash in a clean, covered container.

  • Do dishes as you dirty them.

  • Clean under and around appliances, like your stove.

  • Clean pantry shelves and food cabinets.

  • Put stored food products in sealed plastic containers.

  • Consider pet food as a cockroach food source.

  • Deep clean your bathroom.

  • Consider only eating food in your kitchen and dining room until your roach infestation has been addressed.

Moisture Control

Cockroaches are drawn to moisture and humid environments.

  • Repair any plumbing issues in your home, such as dripping faucets and weeping garbage disposals.

  • Use the fan in your bathroom when you take a shower or bath.

  • Install dehumidifiers in areas of your home that stay humid.

Exterior Management

Cockroaches that are still on the outside of your home need to stay out there. You can achieve this by removing attractants, and by doing your best to seal any entry points they're using to get inside.

  • Keep trash in covered containers and keep containers free of odors.
  • Clean your gutters and address other moisture problems.
  • Remove leaf litter, grass clippings, sticks, wood, and other debris near your home.
  • Remove objects that cockroaches can hide under.
  • Seal foundation cracks and gaps around pipes and wires.
  • Seal windows and doors. 
  • Control Products

In almost all cases, control products are needed. There is no single product that works every time. A combination of products must be used. It is best to have a licensed pest management professional handle the selection and application of these products because there is a science to treating cockroaches and monitoring the success of treatments.

  • Using inappropriate products can make you sick.

  • Incorrect use of products can allow cockroaches to continue to make you sick by their presence in your home.

  • Failed cockroach control can allow cockroaches to grow a large population.

  • You could make the roaches in your home stronger, and it could increase your costs when you finally decide to call in a professional.

Reno Cockroach Control

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