Why Are Pavement Ants Invading My Reno Home?


With light brown to black coloring, pavement ants prefer to make their colonies in the cracks of concrete slabs and sidewalks, but that doesn’t mean they won’t also invade your home. Here’s what Reno homeowners should know about what causes pavement ants to invade homes, how destructive they are, and how to prevent them with pest control in Reno. 

pavement ants on fruit

What Causes Pavement Ants To Invade My Home?

Most of the time, pavement ants venture outside their colonies and invade Reno homes for three reasons:

  • They want food: Sweets and protein-rich foods especially lure pavement ants in, but these critters will go after almost anything edible that you’ve got in your house.
  • They want moisture: Pavement ants need water like any other pest, and if you’ve got drainage or moisture issues, this could attract them.
  • They want warmth: Pavement ants can also venture inside because they’re looking for warmth. Generally, this is because they’ve also found food and water inside. 

Are Pavement Ants Destructive?

Pavement ants may not be able to spread dangerous diseases or destroy your home as carpenter ants can, but they can be a huge nuisance. Once a pavement ant colony has taken root near your home, you may start constantly finding these critters crawling across your home and contaminating your kitchen. These ants have a knack for locating food, so they may come out whenever you’re eating or trying to cook. 

Pavement ant colonies can also become extremely large, which makes them even more difficult for homeowners to eliminate. Even if you find one of their hiding spots, large infestations can create colonies in multiple places. 

How Do I Deal With Pavement Ants?

As obnoxious as they are, the most effective way to deal with pavement ants is by calling a professional pest control service like Natura Pest Control. Many OTC treatments aren’t very effective against ants because their colonies can grow so large, but our effective, eco-friendly treatments will stop pavement ants in their tracks. 

If you’re finding pavement ants, or any type of ant, in your Reno home, there’s only one way to deal with the problem – call us today at Natura Pest Control to learn more about our ant control services or to schedule an appointment for your Reno home. 

Are There Prevention Tips That Can Help?

While they may not always be enough to combat an existing infestation, here are some quick and easy prevention tips to keep pavement ants away:

  • Don’t leave any leftovers, crumbs, or food scraps sitting out around your home, including dirty dishes or pet food.
  • Don’t leave your trash can uncovered, and make sure you’re regularly emptying it, especially if it has rotting food inside.
  • Use foam or caulk to seal up any crevices or cracks that lead into your home.
  • Address moisture or drainage issues, like flooded gutters, plumbing problems, or leaky pipes, once you notice them.

If, despite these tips, pavement ants make it into your kitchen, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Natura Pest Control for fast and effective solutions. 

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