What Happens To The Spiders In Oklahoma City In The Winter?


Oklahoma City winters can be pretty unpredictable. Is it going to be mild, or miserable? A winter wonderland or a windy, wet season? It changes week to week, and it can honestly be hard to keep up. One thing you can predict, however, is that you’ll still have to deal with spiders trying to invade your home. Unfortunately, spiders are a year-round problem, but when you find out why, you might have a fighting chance of keeping them out this winter.

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Built For It

Many people think that pest issues die down in the winter, and this can be true in certain cases. The cold does kill off certain bugs and slow others down, but spiders aren’t phased by a drop in temperatures. You see, they’re actually built for winter, equipped with a sort of natural antifreeze system that allows them to remain outdoors during the colder months. So why does it seem like you have even more of them in the winter?
While spiders won’t enter your home in search of warmth, they will enter your home closely on the heels of their favorite food: insects. With so many insects invading your house trying to escape the cold, spiders know that your home could be their best chance at a sustainable hunting ground.
If you’re seeing more spiders in your house during the winter, it’s likely that they’ve been there all along. Now they’re just fully grown, more numerous and noticeable, and having to search inside for food rather than outside. Spiders also multiply quickly, so a few in the summer could be a full-blown infestation by the winter.

Prevention Habits That Don’t Waste Your Time

While it isn’t necessarily dangerous to have spiders in your house, it isn’t a comfortable feeling seeing them dart back into tiny cracks in the wall. Plus, who wants to walk through a spiderweb in their own house? Since spiders feed on insects, many people refer to them as natural pest control, but we prefer completely pest-free homes instead.
If you’re getting tired of spider problems and unsightly webs, don’t try going to the Internet for home remedies and quick fixes. These solutions will simply waste your time. In fact, there really aren’t any guarantees when it comes to DIY pest control methods. However, there are a few things you can do to limit spiders’ attraction to your home. With the following pest prevention methods, you can lower the number of invasive insects and the ensuing spider invasions:

  • Sealing cracks and crevices with caulking
  • Monitoring your screens for tears
  • Controlling moisture issues around the property
  • Decluttering low-traffic areas
  • Maintaining the lawn carefully
  • Disposing of insect carcasses swiftly
  • Cleaning regularly to avoid loose crumbs
  • Storing food and trash properly and promptly

Unfortunately, plenty of homeowners check off all of these boxes and still wind up with pest infestations. Once they’re in, it’s only a matter of time before you start to notice the spiders who are soon to follow. If you’re anything like us, you don’t want to leave your pest control up to spiders because, well, you don’t want them in your house either!
Fortunately for you, Natura Pest Control provides the pest control services you can count on year-round. With flexible schedules and years of experience, our pest technicians will provide quarterly treatments that will not only be convenient for your schedule but they will also guarantee that your home remains insect and spider free. What are you waiting for? Before the temperature drops, call Natura Pest Control for all of your pest control needs. 

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