The Trick To Keeping Wasps Out Of Your Reno Yard


Arguably one of the strongest reasons to dislike pests in your Reno yard is the potential injury or health threat they pose. One pest that is a living example of this is the wasp. Wasps have a slender body marked by a narrow waist, smooth-skinned, and shiny body. They also live in hives and possess stingers that are unpleasant for everyone.

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While known by its own name, hornets are also considered to be members of the wasp family, which also includes paper wasps, yellow jackets, and others. Depending on the species in question, the wasp will either be a social wasp or a solitary wasp. Despite their ability to sting, wasps are actually beneficial to the environment thanks in large part to their pollination and feeding on other insects. However, just because they benefit the environment, that doesn't mean they belong in your Reno yard. After all, they are a potential danger to humans if provoked.

Landscaping And Other Protections

While wasps do pollinate and love plants, flowers, and other vegetation, there are actually ways to practice landscaping that can prevent wasps from wanting to stick around in the first place. This is because instead of attracting the wasps, certain plants actually repulse them.
Some plants to consider planting in your yard, especially closer to your house include mint and lemongrass. These both smell pleasant to humans while remaining effective in repelling a wasp infestation. Fortunately, there are plenty of other plants that work like basil or even cucumber. While planning out your landscaping, be sure to avoid plants that attract wasps like spearmint or Queen Anne's Lace for example. Some other prevention tips besides landscaping include

  • Remove The Food Sources: Wasps like all kinds of food, which is why they'll get into hummingbird feeders, your pet's food, and even your own food. Take time to block access to these food sources and watch the wasp population naturally decline around your home.
  • Seal The Entry Points: Wasps are slender and much smaller than you, which means holes you don't even think about are perfect entry points for them. Before the population grows too far out of control, fill the cracks, holes, and crevices with silicone caulk to minimize access.
  • Check For Nests: Identify where the nests are to better stop an infestation at the source. Keep in mind that wasp nest disposal should be handled by a team of professionals instead of your self.
  • Trash Management: Trash acts as a beacon to wasps because they like the smell of old and rotting food. Keep the trashcans sealed and practice good trash disposal to lower the wasp population. This also works for other pests, which means you're even more protected.

Wasp Prevention And Removal With Natura Pest Control

Wasps are indeed beneficial to the local environment, but as the weather turns warmer their behaviors and activities end up disrupting people's lives and outdoor activities. That's why our team at Natura Pest Control works hard to ensure you end up with a wasp-free yard. We use prescribed treatments while also focusing on removing nests from hard to reach places, so there's nowhere for the wasp to hide. Before we get to work, we take time to evaluate your situation since bee and wasp removal services are very specialized, and almost every situation is different.
Are you ready to invest in wasp prevention services? Then give our team at Natura Pest Control a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional wasp removal options or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.

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