What Are These Ant Mounds From In My Reno Yard?


You can’t formulate a plan for pest control in Reno without dealing with the red ant. These ants are often also known as fire ants, and their stings are menacing. Red ants are one of the worst ant species that can end up on your property because they are more than just a nuisance; they are an actual threat to safety, especially for homeowners with pets or children. You must be careful when dealing with red fire ants on your property.

Continue reading to learn why red ants are so tough to remove and why Natura Pest Control is who you should call if these pests set up their colonies on your property. 

fire ant colony crawling on the ground

Do I Have Red Ants In My Yard?

Red fire ants in Reno can be hard to identify sometimes. To add to the difficulty, not all fire ants are red, and not all red-colored ants are fire ants. However, because of how hostile these species can be, it is best to assume any red ants you spot are dangerous.

Red ants are identified by the nests they build. Spotting a red fire ant hill in your yard is a strong indicator you may have a pest problem. These mounds can be up to a foot tall and two feet wide. When disturbed, orange to dark reddish-brown ants come pouring out by the thousands, seeking to sting and eliminate whatever bothered them. If a small pet or child stumbles on a mound, the damage could be devastating. 

Do Red Ants Bite?

Red fire ants in Reno can both sting and bite; however, their sting is often worse to experience. A red ant’s jaws cannot pierce human skin, so you might not even notice a red fire ant bite. On the other hand, a red ant sting may draw some tears. These venomous creatures are a little like hornets without wings; they can sting as many times as they want and inject a venom that burns and swells the site of injury. If you are allergic to insect venom, red ant stings can trigger a violent and life-threatening reaction. This is the main reason why red fire ants on your property require immediate removal.

How Big Can Red Ant Colonies Get?

Red ant colonies are large and complex and resist store-bought ant control solutions like foggers and sprays. Each colony can contain between 100,000 to half a million workers. They can also harbor multiple queens. Moreover, several colonies often take up residence on the same property, making it impossible for store-bought outdoor ant control products to eliminate the problem. These products might succeed in killing a hundred ants, but that is not nearly enough. Red ants can breed and muster to full strength in no time, and, despite your efforts, the problem will persist.

All these factors make it necessary to step up your ant control game before you end up with a problem. Keeping your yard free of ants is a lot harder than keeping your home free of ants, but it is possible with professional help

What Is The Best Ant Control In Reno?

If you have red fire ant hills in your yard and ants crawling near your door, you’ll need the best pest control in Reno. Here at Natura Pest Control, we have reliable pest control technologies that will safely eradicate your red ant problem. Our methods don't harm local ecosystems and are pet-friendly. If you’re ready to give the stinging, hostile squatters in your yard the boot, give us a call or visit our contact page today! 

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