Is This Spider In My Reno Home Dangerous?


Some pests inspire dread thanks to the potential property damage they cause. Other pests are just annoying making them nuisance pests. However, some pests like spiders inspire outright fear in people thanks to the perceptions surrounding them.

a black widow spider on a web

In fairness, some spiders are truly dangerous and should be addressed with caution. However, most spiders are actually harmless to humans despite still being capable of biting, and are even beneficial (as long as they stay inside). 
Most spiders are relatively small, boast eight legs, and are a light brown color. However, there are some truly dangerous spiders to watch for in Reno. These spiders include but aren't limited to:

  • Black Widow Spiders: This spider is known for its shiny black body as well as the red hourglass-shaped mark on the underside of its abdomen. They're also known for possessing potent venom in their bite. The venom is potent enough to require immediate medical assistance if bitten.
  • Brown Recluse Spiders: This spider has a yellowish-gray body. Also, they boast a violin-shaped pattern on their back, which is why they're commonly known as fiddle-back spiders. If bitten by this spider, immediate medical attention is needed.

While it’s rare to see either of these two spiders in your home, it can still happen. You will usually find them in dark and secluded places in the home. In some cases, they will hide under furniture or in crevices like your baseboards.

Spider Prevention At Work

Even when spiders can be beneficial, it still doesn't change the fact you want them outside of your home instead of inside. As such, we've put together a list of spider prevention tips so you can keep your home spider-free. Before we get to the actual tips, we need to cover an important point.
Spiders are hunters. They seek out insects to prey upon. If you see a lot of spiders in your Reno home, then you likely have other pests causing problems too. For this reason, our prevention tips include:

  • Landscaping: Insects like a wild and uncontrolled yard because of the hiding spots it provides as well as food. Spiders like a wild yard because their prey likes a wild landscape. Maintain the yard and everyone will steer clear.
  • Food Storage: Insects like your food. When not stored properly and sealed, they will invade your home to access that food. Spiders will naturally follow suit. Store the food and your problems decrease dramatically.
  • Trash Storage: Besides food, insects like your trash. That's why you'll find spiders on or near your trashcans. They're hunting. Properly store the trash away from the home and you'll enjoy a spider and pest-free home.
  • Water: All animals need access to water. Standing water is the easiest way to attract any pest, including spiders. Eliminate the water sources and watch the home become pest-free.
  • Entry Points: The single biggest reason why spiders make it inside is simply that they can get inside in the first place. They can fit through any hole, crevice, or crack just like insects can. Seal these entry points and you'll enjoy a pest-free home.

Spider Control With Natura Pest Control

Spiders are a pain for most homeowners since they signify a larger pest problem at best and are a dangerous problem by themselves at best. For this reason, our team at Natura Pest Control is ready and willing to assist with your spider prevention needs quickly and effectively. If you need spider control services give our team at Natura Pest Control a call or go online to take the first steps towards becoming spider-free.

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