What To Do About Spider Webs Around Your Reno Property


Spiders are a common home-invading pest, but they are also misunderstood in many ways. For example, all spiders have fangs and venom, but only some are medically dangerous to people. These are black widows and brown recluse spiders, which can be found in the Reno area and should be avoided. While these two species can get into your home, they are not likely to be found in large numbers like normal house spiders.

Normal house spiders are smaller species usually born inside a house. Unlike the two species listed above, they rarely find their way outside; they prefer to be outside as it is more conducive to catching prey.

The types of spiders in a home don't matter because none are welcome! Below, Reno residents can learn more about these misunderstood pests and ways to prevent them.

a spider crawling inside a home

How Spiders Build Their Webs

While most people will describe a spider web as having a wheel-shaped pattern, different kinds of spiders build different types of web, and not all of them are the same pattern. Spider webs and their uses include:

  • Orb webs are the wheel-shaped ones mentioned above, which utilize a large surface area to catch flying prey.
  • Triangle webs usually have one side with three anchor points and a second side with one anchor point. These webs are created out of a fuzzy threat that smothers prey.
  • Cobwebs aren’t just the collections of dust and dirt that we like to tell ourselves they are. These are actual webs created by house spiders and are known as tangle webs due to their disorganized look. They utilize snare threads to capture prey.
  • Mesh webs are similar to cobwebs but are located outside. They also use snare threads but are less messy than cobwebs.
  • Funnel webs are named after their funnel shape, which creates a cylindrical hole. These webs add protection for the spider as they can hide at the back of the funnel while waiting for prey.
  • Sheet webs are almost like hammocks, letting the spider ambush walking insects and catching flying ones.

You can’t always determine what species created a web because different kinds of spiders make the style of the same web. However,  If you see a lot of spider webs around your home and property, there are most likely many spiders. In this case, you should contact pest control experts for help.

Spider Prevention

An internet search for prevention might lead you to use oils to keep spiders away, and although some may be effective, they don’t get to the root of the problem. Instead, try the following:

  • Sweep or vacuum up spider webs and egg sacs
  • Address moisture issues
  • Remove food sources for pest prey
  • Keep your home decluttered
  • Store firewood away from your home
  • Remove debris from your yard

Want to keep all spiders away? You can do this with professional pest control!

Professional Spider Control Services

Instead of putting your faith in oils to keep spiders away, you can trust pest control experts to do the job right. Reno residents should contact us at Natura Pest Control for more advice and assistance.

We offer customizable residential pest control plans tailored to your needs and based on the pest you are dealing with. This includes all types of spiders that you might be seeing.

With Natura Pest Control, you can expect quality customer service and safe and effective treatments every time. Give us a call today to set a time to meet with one of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians for a free inspection of all types of spiders.

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