What Every Reno Resident Should Know About Ladybugs


A ladybug landing on you is often thought of as good luck, and because of this, they are not often seen as a problem. Ladybugs are beneficial to the environment. Benefits of ladybugs include their consumption of plant pests like aphids and mealybugs. In other words, ladybugs eat the pests that damage crops and other vegetation. However, like other insects, ladybugs infest a residential property, becoming a nuisance and a problem for residents.

Ladybugs are a type of beetle and are sometimes called ladybirds. They come in various colors, from red to gray to metallic blue and brown. Ladybugs also have different patterns dot variations.

There are a few types of ladybugs that are common in the Reno area. If you ask a child to draw a ladybug, they will most likely draw a convergent ladybug. This is because they are the most common in the United States and have the red coloring with black dot patterning that we all know.

Certain types of ladybugs are more concerning than others, but overall, you don’t want any uninvited pests in your Reno home, whether they are dangerous or not. 

a ladybug crawling inside a stick

What Types Of Homes Attract Ladybugs?

It may be a surprise to learn your home might attract ladybugs. It’s true! Some features might be attracting this pest to your home. These features include:

  • Older houses with less modern insulation allow ladybugs to get in through cracks easier.

  • Light-colored homes reflect more heat, which attracts this pest.
  • Southeastern sun exposure can attract ladybugs for the same reason they like light-colored houses.

You might still be questioning why ladybugs on your property can be a bad thing, especially since there are benefits of ladybugs that you can take advantage of. You can read below to learn why this pest can be dangerous and why you probably don’t want to attract ladybugs.

Are Ladybugs Dangerous?

While it is rare, ladybugs are capable of biting. Bites from this pest are painful but not dangerous. While not physically harmful, there is one thing people need to be concerned about when it comes to ladybugs; the smell they produce

This ladybug smell, or pheromones, can attract future generations to that location for years to come, even as they also deter predators. Essentially, ladybugs mark their territory, which lets others know it is safe to live and reproduce.

Although they are not dangerous to people, you should keep in mind that some ladybugs are toxic to animals, so you should contact professionals for identification and elimination if this worries you.

Are Ladybugs Preventable?

While ladybugs eat annoying pests, you still don’t want them living in high populations on your Reno property. They are challenging to eliminate or prevent, so the best thing is to contact the professionals. Experts know how to handle the ladybug smell that attracts others, so they won't return once an active infestation is removed.

At Natura Pest Control, we understand the need for our customers to keep their families safe, no matter what the pest is. With our residential pest control, you will receive a customized plan to fit your needs. We always start with a detailed inspection of the interior and foundation to better understand pest pressures. Using our findings, one of our experts will work with you to find the best treatments for safe and effective pest control.

Reno residents should contact us at Natura Pest Control for more information about our services and learn about the treatments we perform for ladybugs and any other pests.

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