How To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Reno Home


Do you have anyone that you would share your bed with, such as a sibling or significant other? Some people do not feel comfortable sharing their bed with anyone. This is understandable. Sleep is important and being comfortable is a crucial part of getting a good night’s rest. That said, one thing that often ruins a person's sleep here in Reno is suspecting (or knowing) that their bed is infested with bed bugs.  If you suspect your home is infested or are trying to keep these pests from invading in the future, here are some things you should know.

A bed bug crawling on fabric.

Ways To Identify Bed Bugs

Before we talk about prevention tips to keep bed bugs out of your home, let’s make sure your living areas are not currently infested. We recommend starting by looking around for live bed bugs. These ¼ to 3/16” long, oval-shaped, reddish-brown insects are found around beds and box springs at night and hiding or secluded areas around homes. After looking for bed bugs, check your bed sheets for blood stains and reddish black spots of fecal matter. You might also find fecal droppings along baseboards, around outlets, and near cracks and crevices throughout your home. While checking cracks and crevices for droppings, keep an eye out for bed bug eggs and shed skins as well. Finally, if bed bugs have been in your home for a while, you might notice a musty, berry-like odor in the air caused by pheromones released by bed bugs.

How Bed Bugs Get Around

A bed bug will never crawl into your home through a gap, crack, or other opening. In fact, these posts cannot survive out in nature for an extended period of time. For this reason, they have to get creative to get into people’s homes. The main way they do this is by hitchhiking on items people carry. You might accidentally bring bed bugs into your home on a piece of luggage, a used couch, a TV, or a backpack.

Some Ways You Might Pick Up Bed Bugs

Bed bugs exist in areas where people congregate and live. You are most likely to run into bed bugs when in a place where people sleep, like homes, hotels, or hospitals. Bed bugs are also found in airports, bus stations, movie theaters, gas stations, shopping centers, etc. In short, you can pick up bed bugs from just about anywhere.

Another way bed bugs get into homes is by riding in on people who are paying you a visit. If you are planning on having family stay with you through the holidays, Someone might accidentally bring bed bugs with them, along with their pecan pie. The same is true every time you have someone over for a meal or gathering. 

Strategies To Avoid Bed Bug Infestations

The last thing you should do is be paranoid about bed bugs. Keeping this in mind, you should keep these pests in mind whenever you are traveling or bringing an item into your home. As long as you inform your family and friends about these pests and stay vigilant to spot them before they get inside, you should be all right.

What To Do About Bed Bugs Inside Your Home

If bed bugs manage to find their way into your living areas, get them out quickly by hiring the home pest control experts at Natura Pest Control. We will implement advanced solutions and eliminate any bed bugs that are causing you trouble.

Reach out today to discover more about our methods and to solve your Reno home’s bed bug issues.

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