What Kind Of Ants Make Their Way Into The Homes In Reno?

Given their small size, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to underestimate how big ant problems can be in Reno homes. Several types of ants can make their way into your home. Here’s what you should know about identifying the ants in Reno, the problems they can cause, the best way to protect your home from these pests, and five easy, natural ways to keep ants away. 

a carpenter ant on the outside of a house

The Types Of Ants That Invade Reno Properties

From ants that produce odd odors when they’re crushed to those that aren’t afraid to bite or sting, here are some of the most common types of ants to worry about in Reno:

  • Carpenter ants: As their name suggests, carpenter ants have a preference for nesting inside the wood in your home. With enough time, carpenter ants can cause significant structural damage to buildings.

  • Pavement ants: Pavement ants prefer to build their colonies inside the cracks in concrete, but if your home is nearby, they may make a detour for food and water.

  • Harvester ants: While harvester ants may live outdoors more than indoors, their bite can still sting if you come in contact with one of these ants.

  • Odorous house ants: Odorous house ants get their name from the musty, rotten coconut odor that they emit when they’re crushed. These house ants have a strong sweet tooth and will gladly go after any meats, sweets, or other scraps you’ve left out.

  • Pharaoh ants: With small, yellow bodies, Pharaoh ants may be easy to recognize, but they’re extremely difficult to control. These ants have the potential to spread bacteria and can be a big problem in Reno homes and an even bigger problem in hospitals and doctor’s offices.

  • Fire ants: Fire ants build large, mound-like nests outdoors and can easily become aggressive if they believe you’ve encroached on their territory. They are known for their painful stings.

  • Argentine ants: Argentine ants also have a sweet tooth and can build very large colonies near or inside your home that become almost impossible to control.

The Problems Ants Can Cause On Your Reno Property

Not only are most ants difficult to control because they build colonies that grow into the thousands, but some types, like the Pharaoh ant, can even spread bacteria to you if they get inside your home. Inside hospitals, Pharaoh ants have a reputation for climbing inside open patient wounds or infesting vulnerable materials, like IVs.

Other ants, like carpenter ants, can cause structural damage to your home if the infestation goes untreated for long enough. Whether you’re dealing with odorous house ants that may contaminate food or aggressive fire ants, you’ll want to get these critters out of your home as soon as possible.

The Best Way To Protect Your Reno Home From Ants

Given how much of a nuisance they are and how many problems they can cause, protecting your Reno home from ants is crucial. The best way to do this is by enlisting the help of Natura Pest Control.

At Natura, we’re committed to providing effective, reliable treatments and excellent customer service that takes the stress off our client’s shoulders. If you’ve been spotting ants around your Reno home or property, there’s only one thing to do – call us today at Natura Pest Control to learn more about how pest experts can help turn your Reno home back into an ant-free zone.

Five Natural Ways To Keep Ants Away From Your Reno Property

Along with working with a pest management company like Natura Pest Control to combat existing pest issues, there are also some natural ways to keep ants away from your Reno home, such as:

1. Don’t leave any type of food items sitting out. Leftovers, food scraps, or crumbs can become an ant attraction, so you’ll want to keep these items sealed in containers or packages.

2. Use foam or caulk to seal off your home. Ants only need tiny cracks and crevices to get inside. Sealing off tiny gaps along walls or your foundation can block off these entrances.

3. Make sure you’re emptying your trash can. Ants may go after rotting food in your trash, so it’s important to keep your garbage can sealed as well as regularly emptied.

4. Clean off kitchen surfaces regularly. Wipe off any surfaces you prepare or consume food on to eliminate food residue that can attract ants.

5. Clean up liquid spills immediately. Any spills, especially sodas or sugary beverages, need to be cleaned up immediately.

These tips can help reduce the factors that attract ants in Reno, but remember, if you see ants around your Reno home, the best thing to do is to call Natura Pest Control.


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