What Are Voles and How Do I Keep Them Away From My Yard In Reno?

Voles may not be what comes to mind when you think of Reno’s most common pests, but that doesn’t make these tiny yard invaders any less destructive. Voles are often mistaken for field mice with dense brown fur, blunt noses, and small furry ears. Their stocky bodies grow to be 3 to 7 inches long with short legs and a tail. While they may be too quick for you to get a good look at and identify, the damage they cause to your yard will not go as unnoticed. 

vole in dirt

Damage Voles Cause

Voles eat seeds, tubers, bark, grass, clover, and insects, and are active day and night throughout the year. The longer voles inhabit your yard, the more significant the damage becomes. Each female can have up to five litters per year, with an average of five young per litter. They construct tunnels with numerous burrows and entrances.

Both their eating habits and tunneling can result in extensive damage to orchards, field crops, and other plantings. Over time, they can ruin lawns, golf courses, and ground covers. They can cause extensive issues both above and below ground. However, the risks associated with voles are primarily damage to property. While they are able to carry disease organisms such as plague and tularemia, they come into contact with people so rarely that there are little to no health risks associated with them.

Challenges To Vole Removal

The primary challenge in removing voles is simply their lifestyle. These destructive pests live in underground tunnels and are rarely seen above ground. Added to that, their small size allows them to squeeze through remarkably tight spaces, and their reproductive rates mean that populations are growing as removal attempts are in progress. 

Given their underground tunnel systems, simply locating voles can be a challenge in and of itself, but both finding and eliminating them can be almost impossible without professional assistance. And the longer infestations go on, the more damage they inflict on trees and other landscaping. 

Expert Vole Removal And Prevention

Luckily the experts at Natura Pest Control offer full-service options and unparalleled customer service. Don’t let voles take over your Reno yard. We can provide you with a free inspection followed by treatment and follow-up services — all it takes is a phone call or to reach out to us online. 

Our technicians deliver friendly, helpful service and go above and beyond expectations to provide customized pest control that meets your specific needs. Call today to find out more about how we can help with voles and other pests. 

Preventing Voles

While voles can be nearly impossible to remove on your own, there are some things that Reno homeowners can do to minimize the risk of voles making themselves at home on your property. Before voles take ahold of your property, try keeping them at bay with the following strategies:

Gravel buffers and mulch: Using gravel buffers can disrupt a vole’s access to desired areas. It is recommended that you keep mulch at least three feet from the bases of trees. Using gravel in place of this provides an additional disincentive for voles looking to get at valuable root structures.

Remove cover: Eliminating weeds, heavy mulch, and dense vegetative cover is another essential step. This not only eliminates a food source for voles but also limits important protection from their natural predators. Without these elements, voles are more likely to seek alternative places to nest with more food and less danger.

Mowing: For similar reasons, regular mowing can help deter voles and other pests. Shorter grass is much harder to hide in and provides fewer opportunities for nesting.

Spraying: Using preventative herbicide treatments can help keep vole infestations at bay.

Tilling: If you are concerned that voles have begun infiltrating your lawns and gardens, tilling adjacent areas can serve as a disrupting factor for existing burrow systems and can help prevent a population from growing into a true infestation.

Fencing and traps: Along the same lines, with a small population of voles, fencing or trapping can be effective management strategies. However, once a population has begun to grow out of control, it’s time to call the professionals at Natura Pest Control. 

The best way to combat voles and other area pests is with an ongoing pest management plan from our professionals. Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection or find out more about our service plans. We customize our treatments to meet your needs, so we can find a plan that meets your needs and your budget regardless of the situation. 


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