The Best Way To Protect People & Their Pets From Fleas In Reno

When a flea infestation gets out of control, this is usually when we get a call. Fleas can be tormenting pests that are difficult to control. But do you know that a pest control provider can help to prevent flea infestations long before fleas get inside a home? Let's take a look at how fleas behave, what you can do to protect your pets from fleas, and at what point you should contact Reno pest control for flea control.

a person finding three fleas on their dog

When Do Fleas Become A Problem For Pet Owners In Reno?

Fleas have a preference for cats and dogs. They don't tend to bite people until they've taken root indoors. The fleas that bite you are likely to be adult fleas that are forced to get a blood meal from you because they don't have access to your pets. This can be due to products you've applied to your pet to keep fleas off, such as a bath, powder application, or medication.

These products are often applied after fleas have already infested a home. When fleas start biting you, they've had some time to bite your pets. This is not the ideal time to get Reno pest control. It is much better to address them before they take root indoors.

How Do Fleas Get Into Reno Homes?

When pets go outside, they have the chance of bringing fleas back inside with them. Fleas wait in landscaping, tall grass, and shaded locations for a host animal to come near. If you want to protect your pets and your family from flea bites, you need to consider ways to prevent fleas in the perimeter of your home. We have some tips to help you with this.

Flea Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Flea control for your house and yard is directly connected to wildlife management. Wild animals bring fleas into your yard and create the conditions for fleas to develop near your home where your pets can pick them up. Here are some tips to stop this from happening:

  • Keep your trash protected. Many pests can get a meal out of a bag of trash.

  • Pick up food sources. If you have trees that produce nuts or fruits, stay on top of raking and cleaning up.

  • Move bird feeders well away from your exterior. Many animals are fond of birdseed.

  • Keep your grass trimmed. Some pests will come into a yard if your lawn isn't frequently mowed.

  • Mice and rats use objects for navigation, due to poor eyesight. A yard that is free of clutter can be a natural barrier for rodents.

  • If you have a dog, and you have not constructed an outdoor play area that is protected by a fence, we recommend creating one. It will help to keep wild animals out of this zone and prevent your dog from exploring locations where fleas may be picked up.

When you combine these natural wildlife prevention methods with flea control products that are recommended by your veterinarian, you can have success keeping fleas out of your home. Doing this puts you in front of flea problems, rather than allowing fleas to make you and your pets miserable.

Why You Should Call Natura For Fleas In Reno

Routine treatments to key areas on your property can prevent fleas from developing near your home. If you get rid of fleas in your yard, there are no fleas for your pets to bring inside. Natura Pest Control is the right choice for flea control because we are also wildlife management specialists.

Flea control problems often begin when an animal creates a nest or a den on a property. When an animal beds down, it creates the conditions necessary for fleas to develop. Flea eggs and flea dirt (the feces from fleas) fall in the same area when an animal beds down. The larvae that hatch from eggs in nests or dens have access to flea dirt, which is their only source of food.

Larvae are unable to bite animals or people. They get blood from flea dirt. Wildlife trapping and rodent control can remove animals from your property, and flea treatments can prevent flea development. These work together to stop fleas in their tracks.

Don't wait until you have a flea infestation and fleas are driving you crazy. Don't wait until your pet is scratching or you find fleas on your pet when using a flea comb. Stop fleas before they bite you and your pets. Reach out to Natura Pest Control today for year-round residential pest control that includes coverage for fleas. This will give you all the protection you need for a long list of common pests in Reno. Proactive pest management is always the best way to deal with pest problems.


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