Reno Property Owners' Guide To Effective Rodent Control

When you start finding evidence of rodent activity on your property, it can make you nervous. Mice and rats in your yard is one thing, but having rodents in your home is another thing altogether. If you're thinking, "No, thanks!" then we have tips to help you effectively control rodents on your Reno property and help prevent them from getting into your home.

mouse eating a berry

Remove Or Protect Ideal Food Sources

What do you imagine mice and rats eat? What are their dietary staples? You probably know that these animals will feed on rotting foods in trash cans and dumpsters, but are you aware that there are likely to be many natural food sources available around your home? Mice have a preference for seeds, grains, and fruit. Rats have a preference for seeds, grains, nuts, fruit, and vegetables. Both will eat bugs as a source of protein. Here are a few food sources that can attract rodents to your property:

  • Seeds that fall from bird feeders

  • Acorns and nuts that fall from trees

  • Fruit from trees and berries from berry bushes

  • Vegetables in gardens

  • Certain plant bulbs

  • Bugs in your landscaping

  • The inner, cambium layer of tree bark.


Rotting food and the scent of rotting food are both strong attractants. Trash and recycling management are essential for rodent control. Even if a rodent can't get into your garbage or recycling, the smell is enough to create an issue. Keep your receptacles free of strong odors by periodically disinfecting them. Clean recyclable items before putting them into your receptacle. Store garbage in plastic trash bags to conceal any aromas.

Yard Work

Mice and rats prefer a yard that is overgrown and filled with leaf litter, leaf piles, and stacks of dead branches. You can add a layer of rodent protection by removing unnecessary vegetation, thinning out dense areas of your landscaping, and by getting rid of organic debris.  

Remove Hiding Place

Mice and rats go from one hiding place to another. When rodents find a yard that is filled with clutter, they are happy to make themselves at home. They have a preference for woodpiles, scrap wood from construction projects or demolition, brush piles, stacks of cardboard, and other organic hiding places, but will also hide under man-made objects

  • Move wood away from your exterior and store wood on a platform structure to get it up off the ground.

  • Clean up toys and other objects left in the backyard.

  • Refrain from storing items in your backyard.

Remove Harborage Options 

Mice and rats get under sheds, decks, porches, and even homes. If you have voids that rodents might use as a harborage location, or protection from the hot Reno sun, use fencing material to keep them out. If you have a crawl space under your home, make sure that it is properly sealed and protected. 

Remove Entry Points

When rodents explore the exterior of your home, they will be drawn to tiny holes and gaps. These are enticing because mice and rats like to squeeze into tight spaces. Use a caulking gun to fill in holes and to seal up gaps. Pay close attention around your water main and electrical utilities, and keep in mind that an adult mouse can get in through a gap the size of a dime. You'll also need to address these other key trouble spots:

  • Install door sweeps on doors that don't have them.

  • Make sure your garage door has a good seal.

  • Replace or repair damaged screens.

  • Replace old weatherstripping.

  • Make sure weep holes are protected.

  • Consider putting wire mesh in your downspouts to stop rodents from climbing up and accessing vulnerable entry points on your roof.

  • Trim tree branches away from your roofline. 


It is possible to deter mice and rats by maintaining a neat and clutter-free yard, and by removing the food sources and smells that attract rodents. But, when conducive conditions are difficult to control or rodent pressures are higher than normal, it may be necessary to use traps to trap and remove rodents before they have a chance to get into your home. It is best to let a licensed pest management professional handle this. It is possible to make the mice or rats on your property trap shy. This is just one of the many ways you may make your rodent problem worse.

Reno Pest And Rodent Control

If you live in Reno, you're in our service area. Let the service team here at Natura Pest Control help you get control of rodents. We offer a wide range of services that not only target and remove rodents but also address the food sources that rodents are looking for in your yard—namely bugs. If you don't want rodents getting into your Reno home, we have solutions. Reach out to us today and speak with one of our agents about your rodent concerns. We're here to help.


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