Mole Identification

What are moles?

Moles are insectivores and a type of mammal. They spend most of their lives underground, feeding on various insects and earthworms. They are small, with a plump body covered in dark brown or black fur. Moles are unique-looking critters and have tiny eyes, ears that lack external openings, a short hairless tail, and a hairless, pointed snout. Their most prominent feature is their large front paws with large curved claws used for digging. 

aphids infesting a plant

Are moles dangerous?

The good news is that moles aren't a huge danger to people and rarely move into homes and other structures. However, the bad news is that in our outdoor spaces, their intricate tunnels and dirt mounds cause damage to lawns, kill landscaping, destroy crops, and create trip and fall hazards for people, pets, and livestock. At first signs of moles in your yard, you should take immediate action to eliminate them to minimize problems they can cause to your outdoor spaces.

Why do I have a mole problem?

You have a problem with moles because your property is a place they have decided to create their tunnels and burrows. The unfortunate truth is that almost any yard located near a mole's natural habitat could become home to moles. 
Moles like to live in open areas, properties located near golf courses, parks, fields, and meadows are susceptible to problems with these destructive pests. Healthy lawns with loose, moist soil attract the attention of moles. 

Where will I find moles?

If moles have decided to make themselves at home in your yard, they will tunnel through the soil in gardens, flower beds, and green open spaces. The depth of their tunnels varies. Their more shallow tunnels are where they hunt their prey, while their deeper tunnels are where they live. Moles are interesting because they dig out larger areas that they use as "kitchens," "pantries," and "bedrooms." Moles make true underground homes for themselves. 

How do I get rid of moles?

The best way to successfully remove moles from your property is to partner with a professional. At Natura Pest Control, our pest control solutions are effective and leave behind the smallest environmental footprint possible! We provide our customers with the best pest control options using clean, green, and organic produce. We also take pride in the amazing customer service we offer our customers! To learn more about ridding your yard of moles through our pest control services, call Natura Pest Control today!

How can I prevent moles in the future?

There is no getting around it; preventing problems with moles is quite difficult. They live outside and move wherever they want. The best way to avoid issues with moles is to partner with a professional, implement routine pest control services, and eliminate the things on your property that attract them, like large numbers of insects. To help prevent the damage moles can cause and learn more about our residential or commercial pest control services, reach out now. 


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