Keep Your Home Pest-Free With Professional Pest Control In Reno

Have you been on the fence about whether or not you should invest in a professional pest control service for your home? Have you wondered about how pest control works - or whether it actually works at all? We hope to answer all of your questions today. Let's take a look at why effective pest control is important and how it works to give Reno properties long-lasting protection from common pests threats.

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Problematic Pests In Reno

There are many ways insects, invertebrates, and wild animals can pose problems when they come into your yard. It is important to understand the risks because it may prompt you to invest in hiring a licensed pest professional to handle this important job.

  • Some pests are lawn pests. They come into your yard, damage your grass, and feed on the plants in your landscaping.

  • Some pests bite and sting. Venomous pests can be painful and make you sick. Diseases-spreading pests, like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, transmit diseases that can be harmful.

  • Some pests are dirty. When cockroaches crawl around in sewers, dumpsters, and trash receptacles, they pick up tiny microorganisms that can impact your health. It is best to keep these insects out.

  • Some pests damage your home. Termites, certain carpenter ants, carpenter bees, mice, and rats are all common homewreckers.

  • Some pests get into your home and damage your stuff. Clothing moths, silverfish, carpet beetles, and many other pests put holes in items or stain them with their feces.

  • Some pests can torment you in your home. Bed bugs are an example of this kind of pest. When these insects hitch a ride into your home, they can be merciless about leaving bites on you and your family. Along with bed bugs, we have a long list of flies that also drive us crazy and make us sick.

Problems Pests Cause In Reno Homes

There are two ways pests create a problem. They can make you sick or they can damage your stuff. How much of a threat they represent to your health or property should be considered when you're deciding how much to spend on pest control.

  • Lawn pests can make your lawn look unsightly. If you don't have an HOA to report to, this type of pest may not be a big concern for you. It is important, however, to be aware that certain lawn pests can tunnel under foundation slabs and cause slabs to crack. This can be costly and frustrating to repair.

  • Pests that sting and bite are mostly a nuisance. But all it takes is one sting or bite to send certain individuals to the hospital. This can increase your insurance premiums or cost you money out of pocket if you aren't insured.

  • Dirty pests are most likely going to just give you a stomach ache but it is important to understand that pests, like cockroaches, can also spread dangerous diseases. While definitely rare, severe sickness can occur.

  • Pests that damage your property can do a scary amount of damage over time. If your home is a part of your retirement nest egg, it is wise to consider proactive pest prevention for this type of pest.

  • Pests that damage your belongings will usually only do a small amount of damage but it only takes a small amount of damage to destroy valuable keepsakes, important photos, financial documents, and other irreplaceable items.

  • Bugs that hitchhike into your home are hard to stop. Bed bugs, fruit flies, and pantry pests present only a minor health threat but they're miserable to deal with. When you have a residential pest control plan, you have fast access to a technician who understands your home and your family and is able to give you fast relief from unexpected pest problems.

Why Pest Prevention Is Best For Reno Homeowners

There are two ways to deal with pests. You can be proactive and stop pests before they harm your health or property, or you can be reactive and wait to contact a pest professional after pests have started to cause a problem. It is far better to be proactive about pests. If you don't consider pests proactively, you'll have to pay hospital bills, deal with lost pay from work, pay for home repairs, and pay for other expenses on top of your pest control costs.

How Professional Pest Control In Reno Is Beneficial

Pest control is a science. Professionals know the pests they treat, keep track of current best practices, and get results. When untrained individuals attempt to control pests, the results can vary greatly. In some cases, residents throw away money on DIY pest control before they finally make the investment in professional service. We hope you don't do this.

If you live in Reno, reach out to Natura Pest Control for proactive pest protection and only spend what is needed to guard your health and property against pest threats. We use industry-leading pest management to stop pest problems before they begin. Connect with us today to learn more.


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