How Much Do You Really Know About Wolf Spiders In Reno?

Most people are aware that wolf spiders are hairy spiders that have the ability to bite. But that is about the extent of it. While these two facts are certainly important to know, they aren't all that helpful at mitigating the threat of being bitten, or at keeping these hairy spiders out of your Reno home. We've compiled a few facts that we believe are the most important facts to know about wolf spiders. While it can be somewhat boring to learn about wolf spiders or spiders in general, you won't find any fluff here. Here's what you should know most about wolf spiders.

wolf spider up close

Wolf Spider Bites

You're not likely to be bitten by a wolf spider unless you put yourself at risk. These spiders are not aggressive, they will move away from you when you approach. Bites usually occur when wolf spiders are trapped or threatened. This can happen when you slide into bed with one, or when you open up a box that has a wolf spider in it. It can happen when you slide your foot into a shoe that a wolf spider is hiding inside. It can happen when you bring a wolf spider near to your skin by accident. If you're cautious, you can prevent wolf spider bites.

  • Shake shoes before putting them on.

  • Shake towels and clothing before using them.

  • Turn your bedding down and look under the covers before you slide in.

  • If you've noticed wolf spider activity in your home, consider removing the skirts from beds and make sure covers don't hang down and touch the floor.

What Happens When You're Bitten By A Wolf Spider?

These spiders are not considered medically important. If you are healthy, you shouldn't need to be concerned about being exposed to the venom of a wolf spider. But, it is important to be aware that a bite from one of these spiders can be painful. Some describe it as feeling like a bee sting. If you're bitten by a wolf spider and your symptoms worsen, seek medical attention immediately.

Wolf Spiders Are Nocturnal Hunters

You can have many of these spiders on your property and not realize it. Wolf spiders don't make webs to catch their prey. They hunt for their prey. This often happens at night because wolf spiders are nocturnal by nature. Bites can occur by accident at night while you're in bed sleeping, but this is rare. If you make detectible sounds while you're sleeping, these spiders are likely to avoid you.

How Wolf Spiders Get Inside

When wolf spiders explore your property, they will stay near the ground. Entry points that are in your basement walls or around basement windows and doors are going to be used by these spiders.

  • Check all your door and window screens and make sure they are free of tears, holes, and rips.

  • Inspect the frames of your door and window screens to make sure there are no gaps or holes between the frames of your screens and the frames of your doors and windows. Wolf spiders can be as small as ¼ of an inch long.

  • Use a foundation repair kit to seal cracks in your foundation walls.

  • Use a caulking gun to fill in holes that have been created by wood-destroying pests, or have these areas repaired.

Wolf Spider Control

A professional will often use glue boards to monitor wolf spider activity and remove wolf spiders from a property, but this must be done in a systematic way to ensure success. We don't recommend that you do this yourself. You can, however, take measures to reduce wolf spiders near your home and make the interior of your home less inviting.

  • Reduce insects that wolf spiders feed on by reducing lights around your home.

  • Address standing water on your property.

  • Keep leaves raked and grass trimmed.

  • Remove objects that are near your exterior walls and reduce clutter in your yard.

  • Keep storage spaces clean and remove gaps and recesses these spiders can hide in.

  • Reduce moisture around your home by addressing clogged gutters and other issues.

  • Reduce humidity in your home by installing fans, ventilation ducts, and dehumidifiers.

That is everything you need to know about Reno wolf spiders. If you reduce hiding places, food, and water, you can reduce wolf spider activity. If you're currently dealing with a wolf spider infestation in your Reno home, reach out to us. The team here at Natura Pest Control is always available to give you advice or assistance.


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