How Flea Infestations Start In Tulsa Homes

If you have a dog or a cat, you won't be surprised if we tell you that fleas can be brought into your home by your pet. But this isn't the only way fleas can get into Tulsa homes. Let's take a look at a few ways you might get fleas, even if you don't have a pet.

flea biting skin

1. You Could Carry Them In

While fleas don't take humans as hosts, they can bite humans and feed on the blood of humans. If you work on your landscaping and are exposed to fleas, you could carry one back inside. It could be attached to your skin, or it could get caught in your clothing. If you happen to bring a female flea into your home, she might lay eggs and produce flea dirt for her babies to feed on. This can develop into an infestation.

2. Your Kids Can Carry Them In

Do your kids play in the yard? If they do, they could get into locations that fleas reproduce, such as underneath decks, stairs, and other structures. This can expose your kids to fleas and, in the same way you can bring fleas into your home, your kids can do the same.

3. They Can Be In Furniture And Other Items

When you purchased used furniture, there could be fleas inside. They commonly infest these items because they can get an easy blood meal. They can also be found infesting blankets that hang on couches, chairs, and beds. Any item that is exposed to domesticated animals as the potential to be infested with fleas, including used vehicles.

4. They Can Be On Raccoons, Skunks, And Other Wildlife

There are many furry animals that can come into your yard. If those animals find harborage underneath structures, or get into your attic spaces, they can be the catalyst for a flea infestation. Fortunately, this type of exposure is limited. Fleas in your attic spaces aren't going to hop down into your common areas to bite you.

5. They Can Be On Rodents

This is the most likely way fleas will come into your home if you don't have pets. When mice and rats get into Tulsa homes, they're not content to stay in attic spaces. They will explore every level. This can bring fleas into close proximity of everyone living in the home, and it can expose pets that never go outside. If your infestation is connected to a rodent problem, there is something else to consider. Rodents are a reservoir for flea-borne diseases. Therefore, there is a greater concern for the transmission of diseases when fleas and rodents infest a Tulsa property.

How To Keep Fleas Out Of Your Home

If you don't have a flea infestation yet, there are a few things you can do to reduce your chances. These are the top tips from the pest experts here at Natura Pest Control.

  • Make sure your exterior trash is in covered containers and that those containers can't be knocked over by animals.

  • Use fencing material to protect voids underneath structures to prevent them from being used as harborage for wildlife. Be sure to install fencing at least a foot below the surface to prevent burrowing animals from getting under.

  • Move bird feeders away from your exterior. Seeds are a desirable food source for mice, rats, and other animals.

  • Refrain from feeding pets outside.

  • Address conditions that allow puddles to form. These can be drinking holes for animals.

  • Inspect your exterior and seal any entry points you find.

  • Do routine inspections for rodent droppings. If you see fresh droppings (these are droppings that are black and moist) contact a licensed professional for rodent monitoring and control.

Flea Treatments

If fleas find a way into your Tulsa home, they can be frustrating pests to exterminate. Remember that the pest professionals at Natura Pest Control are always available to assist you. We provide flea treatments that break the cycle of reproduction inside your home and rodent control for infestations that are rodent-related. Reach out to us today and tell us about your pest problem. We look forward to helping you find a fast and effective solution.


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