How A Professional Can Help Eliminate The Headache Of Ant Control

When you've thrown everything you can think of at an ant problem, and ants keep driving you crazy, you might be wondering if it might be time to call a professional. But what will a professional do that you haven't done? Won't a professional put down bait, as you did? Won't a professional use sprays, as you did? Today, we're going to look at outdoor ant control and how a professional ant control service gets the job done.

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How To Get Rid Of Ant Colonies In The Yard

There are primarily two methods used for outdoor ant control. Professionals use bait and mound treatments. Sometimes both are used. Baits may be in a granular form or in a gel form. Mound treatments may be granular or liquid. The best way to treat mounds in the yard is with a liquid drench but it is time-consuming to mix and apply these treatments. A dry mound treatment is initially faster but takes a few days to eliminate a colony.

The Problem You're Up Against

When you go after ants with bait or mound treatments, there are a few things you might not know. This can work against you and make it difficult to get rid of ants on your property.

  • Not all bait works with all ants. You have to know the species of ant you're dealing with. Professionals are trained to properly identify pest ants and will select products they'll take.

  • It isn't enough to know what bait an ant will eat or what gets rid of ants. You can use the right products and not achieve the results you want. This is because ants can alter their behavior to avoid food sources or products that kill them. A professional will deploy products according to field-tested methods. This allows for the best opportunity for success.

  • Home remedies rarely work with ants. If you try pouring something on an anthill, the ants are likely to evade your treatment. This is because colonies can be several feet below the surface and have tunnels near the surface that travel out ten or more feet. Professionals use trusted products that are scientifically engineered to successfully eliminate colonies.

  • If you use an over-the-counter product to kill an ant mound, you could make your problem worse. Some ant species have more than one queen. If the queens sense danger, the colony can bud. This turns one colony into two or more. A professional will properly identify the species before doing mound treatments and make sure the product used is appropriate for the ant species being controlled.

Professional Ant Control Service

When you invest in professional ant control, a trained and experienced pest control technician will properly identify your ant pests, select appropriate treatments, and apply them according to known strategies that have proven to be successful with controlling ants. This is the primary reason to hire a professional, but let's take a moment to consider the title of this article.

A professional doesn't just do the job right. Your technician can help eliminate the headache of ant control. Let's be honest. There are enough frustrating tasks to accomplish in a week. You don't need ant control on top of everything else. Why not let a professional tackle this chore for you?

Ant Prevention

While we advocate hiring a professional to handle ant control, we recommend ant prevention. What is the difference? Ant control is the use of products to eliminate colonies. Ant prevention considers what attracts ants, what keeps ants away, and what prevents ants from getting inside.

  • Keep your trash receptacles as clean as possible to reduce smells that attract a variety of ant species to your home.

  • Move hummingbird feeders away from your exterior. That sweet liquid is an ideal source of carbohydrates for many ants.

  • Move wood, leaves, and other organic debris away from your home to reduce ant habitats.

  • Inspect the exterior of your home and fill in any gaps or cracks. Pay close attention to the areas where your utilities penetrate your foundation and the seals around your exterior doors.

  • Get your gutters cleaned out. If you look up at your gutters and you see a plant growing, there is a pretty good chance rainwater is being blocked and that water is pouring over the side. This will dampen your perimeter and make it attractive to ants.

  • Many ants eat honeydew. If you have aphids, whiteflies, or scale insects in your landscaping, they will create this sweet food source.

We Know What Gets Rid Of Ants

If you're dealing with an ant problem, reach out to Natura Pest Control. We know how to get rid of ant colonies in the yard and what is required to keep ants out of your Nevada home. Drop us a line to schedule service. We're here to help.


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