Why Protecting Your Shrubs, Trees, Plants, and Garden is Important

Natura’s Garden Protect plan is designed to protect your bushes, plants, trees and garden from pests. When your plants are healthy, and strain/stress free, they are not ideal for pest harborage. In turn, this results in less pest issues in your home and a happier, healthier property. 

Our Garden Protect Offering

We’ll begin by inspecting your property to determine the most pressing issues and what is causing those issues. Once we’ve identified the problems on your lawn, we’ll develop a customized treatment plan to meet your needs. After we gain your approval, we’ll perform the initial garden control service and determine a follow-up schedule.

A Healthy Lawn In Reno, NV Is Within Your Reach

If you’ve been struggling to keep your plants, bushes and trees thriving like they should be, let Natura Pest Control help. We’ll provide your lawn with the treatments it needs to remain healthy and beautiful. Contact us today to request a consultation.


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