Fly Identification

What are flies?

Flies are never a welcome sight when in our yards and homes. However, out into nature, they do provide some vital services such as:

  • Their scavenging feeding habits help to eliminate decaying organic matter.
  • They act as a food source for many animals.
  • Predatory flies help to reduce populations of caterpillars and other garden pests.
  • Some flies are responsible for some pollination of plants. 

a cluster fly on a surface in a kitchen

Flies belong to the order Diptera. Flies are a type of insect but differ from other insects because they only have one pair of wings instead of two. Many flies call the Reno, Nevada area home. While they vary in appearance, what they like to eat, and breeding habits, they can take over our properties in the blink of an eye!

Are flies dangerous?

Most flies are scavengers, meaning they feed on carrion, decaying vegetation, and animal feces. They constantly contact parasites, bacteria, and disease-causing pathogens as they move to and from breeding and feeding sites.

When flies get into your home, take quick action to eliminate them and stop them from contaminating your home’s surfaces and your family’s food with things that can make you ill. Flies commonly spread dysentery, salmonellosis, and gastroenteritis.

Why do I have a fly problem?

Flies are a common problem for homeowners in the Reno area. Our warm temperatures allow these pests to breed quickly and thrive throughout most of the year. The food sources and damp breeding sites available to them in our yards and homes are too much for them to pass up; the reason why they are such common household pests.

Where will I find flies?

Flies are problematic in both rural and urban settings. The more food, moisture, and warm temperatures, the more flies there will be.

Here we list some of the most common causes of fly infestations:

  • Fruits and vegetables from the store or farmer’s market are unknowingly infested with fly eggs or larva when purchased.
  • Drains in homes clogged with wet, decaying organic matter.
  • There are leaky pipes behind a home’s walls.
  • Rodents or other animals have died behind a home’s walls.
  • There is a build-up of pet excrement in the yard.
  • Food in a kitchen or dining area stored on counters or tables.
  • A property’s trash cans or recycling bins don’t have locking lids. 

How do I get rid of flies?

At Natura Pest Control, we understand how troubling it is to deal with flies in and around your home. We will provide you with the fast action needed to eliminate these pests and regular services to stop them from returning. Our pest control solutions are effective and leave behind the smallest environmental footprint possible.

We pride ourselves on offering superior customer service, and we will work closely with you to control fly populations on your Reno, Nevada, property using clean, green, organic products! To learn more about getting rid of flies through our residential pest control services, please give us call us a call today!

How can I prevent flies in the future?

Don’t let flies take over your Reno property, use the following tips to prevent problems with these pesky and dangerous pests:

  • Take away as many access points into your home as possible. Repair gaps around windows and doors and repair torn screens and damaged trim.
  • Never prop or leave windows and doors open for long periods.
  • Regularly empty and sanitize trash cans and recycling bins inside and outside your home.
  • Store outdoor trash cans away from the exterior of your home and always make sure they have a lid on them.
  • Eliminate as much standing water from your property as possible and keep your home’s sinks and drains clear of debris.
  • Pick up pet excrement regularly.
  • Take away their access to your family’s food by keeping it in containers with locking lids or in the refrigerator to help prevent flies from landing on it.

Using early prevention methods may prevent a fly infestation. Remember, these nuisance pests can contaminate your home and make you ill. Call Natura Pest Control today and get started on our effective home pest control services.


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