Do Earwigs In Reno Bite?

You might think that an earwig can deliver a painful bite if you examine one up close. It has a set of black pincers on the tip of its abdomen that looks pretty darn scary. It also has a scary reputation of crawling into the ears of sleeping people and tunneling into the brain. But earwigs aren't nearly as scary as they look, and their reputation is unwarranted. Here's what you should know about earwigs in Reno.

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Earwigs Don't Bite

First, let's get right to the point of this article. Earwigs don't have the ability to bite you. They don't have biting mouthparts, and the pincers on the abdomen of an earwig can only be used to pinch you—not bite. While an earwig might be a match for another insect, it is no match for you. You're far too big.

Earwigs Don't Eat Brains

When earwigs come into your Reno yard, they're not looking for brains to feed on. While they are omnivores, they don't eat everything. Their preference is for decaying vegetation, insects (both alive and dead), and pollen. This is why you'll find them in piles of leaves and crawling around in your landscaping. They can also be found feeding on vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants. Never brains.

Earwigs Can't Tunnel To Your Brain

An earwig tunnels through the soil, not human tissue. So, even if it wanted to eat your brains, it doesn't have the ability. Your brains are completely safe.

Earwigs Can Get In Your Ear

An earwig is considered thigmotactic. It likes to get into tight spaces. It is also drawn to moisture and darkness. If an earwig crawls near your ear, it might think it is a pretty cool place to explore. In the past, it is likely that this has happened more than a few times, and it is probably why earwigs acquired the name. But the chances of this happening now are far lower than it used to be. Earwigs prefer to be in close proximity to soil. In a time when floors in U.S. homes were dirt, it was more likely for earwigs to get in and crawl on people while they slept. This inevitably led to accidental ear entry.

Earwigs Are A Nuisance

You don't have to fear earwigs. They're not likely to harm you. They're just a nuisance. But they are a nuisance you should take time to consider. Earwigs may be a warning sign of an important problem that needs to be addressed. These insects are attracted to moisture and detritus. This can lure them to points on the exterior of your home where oversaturation of wood has led to wood rot, and wood rot has led to wood damage. If you're finding earwigs inside your home, there is a good chance that you have a moisture problem and that other pests are taking advantage of rotting wood on your home. You should definitely consider having a pest control inspection. If carpenter ants, termites, mice, rats, and other wood-destroying pests are left untreated, they can do extensive damage to your Reno home.

Interior Earwig Control

If earwigs have already gotten into your home, you might be able to drive them back out by reducing the humidity. These moisture pests require high levels of humidity.

  • Address leaking showerheads and faucets.

  • Address leaking plumbing.

  • Use the fan in your bathroom during showers or baths.

  • Refrain from leaving water in tubs or sinks.

  • Install dehumidifiers and fans in humid spaces.

  • Ventilate spaces that stay humid.

Exterior Earwig Prevention

There is a reason earwigs come into your yard. If you reduce what attracts them, you'll have fewer unwanted entries.

  • Rake up and remove leaves from your property.

  • Keep your grass cut and remove clippings.

  • Reduce moisture and oversaturation of your foundation perimeter.

  • Reduce exterior lights where it is not a security concern.

  • Replace exterior white lights with yellow lights, which aren't as attractive to insects.

How To Keep Earwigs Out

The best way to keep earwigs out of your Reno home is to contact the Reno pest control experts. At Natura Pest Control, we provide industry-leading pest control services in Reno and in the surrounding area. Let us guide you in finding the right pest control solution for your specific needs and budget.


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