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an up close image of a black widow spider in its web

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Reno, NV Home


There are many justifiable reasons why people don’t like spiders. In most cases, they create these gluey webs that are nearly transparent. Folks accidentally walk into them a lot. The arachnids also tend to have venomous fangs. A single bite can lead to great pain or a visit to the hospital. No Reno homeowner wants to have to deal with these bugs. ... Read More

a close up image of a termite crawling on the ground

Reno's Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control


Whether you own a home or business, you should worry about termites. These pests are known to cost thousands of dollars in damage to Reno homes. By knowing more about termite control, you can save yourself from a major headache and a drained bank account.... Read More

an up close image of a carpenter ant crawling on wood

How To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Reno, NV Property


A major part of pest deterrence is discovering why insects and creatures are drawn to your home. Then, figuring out how they’re getting inside. As simple as that sounds, it’s not that straightforward. Critters can quietly penetrate, and they often nestle in hard-to-reach areas.... Read More

a bald faced hornet chewing on wood

The Trick To Effective Wasp Control In Reno, NV


Wasps in Reno are often aggressive and intimidating insects. But you don't need to live in fear of your backyard or the pests in it. Instead, you can learn the trick to wasp control. The next time you're relaxing in your yard, you won't need to worry about wasps ruining things. ... Read More

a dog scratching fleas

The Secret to Total Flea Control For Your Reno Home


Read the following to learn more about identifying and preventing fleas from invading your Reno property. Natura Pest Control is here to help as the natural leader in effective pest control. With our expertise by your side, we guarantee a pest-free home, in no time at all.... Read More

a cockrach on a reno countertop

How To Tell If There's A Roach Problem In Your Reno HomeĀ 


While there are many species of cockroaches that get into houses, they all share some characteristics. They are six-legged, mostly brown, and some of them have wings. Most of the winged species do not fly well. Don’t be embarrassed if you have cockroaches. They can sometimes invade clean homes as well as dirty ones. ... Read More

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