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a clover mite on a piece of tree bark

Are Clover Mites In Reno, NV Homes Dangerous?


Have you ever heard of clover mites? Chances are you may have seen them crawling around on pavement or the external walls of a building. Most people don’t know the name for this pest but instead, refer to them as tiny red bugs. While this bug is smaller than a millimeter, it has several features that can be identifiable.... Read More

subterranean termites tunneling through wood

Reno, NV Property Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control


You probably know termites as wood-destroying pests, but did you know they are beneficial to the environment? This is true because they break down cellulose and plant fibers, returning the nutrients to the soil. Plus, when termites tunnel through the soil, they help to aerate the ground, which makes for healthier soil all around.... Read More

a flea on a white blanket

Is It Dangerous To Have Fleas In My Reno, NV Home?


Insects and creatures will spoil your recreational time outdoors. Few football games, picnics, concerts, and swimming lessons take place without interruption from critters. They’re always creeping or buzzing around. Fleas, for one, are very persistent.... Read More

a stink bug crawling on the siding of a home

How To Keep Overwintering Pests Out Of Your Reno, NV Home


Many people say that winter is their favorite season; perhaps it’s because of the surrounding holidays. An equal number of folks prefer the spring or summer because they enjoy the warmth. Some are all about the fall, as the weather is more balanced. There are pros to each, but a definite con is the related pests.... Read More

an oriental cockroach crawling on a landscape outside a home

How Dangerous Is It To Have Roaches In My Reno, NV Home?


Roaches are one of the most unappealing pests in Reno, but that’s not the real problem with cockroaches. In addition to being ugly, cockroaches are hazardous creatures. It’s essential to know the risks associated with cockroaches and then take the measures necessary to keep them far away from your Reno home or yard.... Read More

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