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an up close image of a cockroach crawling in a basement

How Dangerous Are Roaches In Reno, NV Homes?


You've probably heard people talking about how dangerous cockroaches are. But are they exaggerating the threat? Unfortunately, it's difficult to know fact from fiction when it comes to roaches. Find out whether or not they are as dangerous as people say.... Read More

a small house mouse hiding outside

Why Do I Have Mice In My Reno, NV Home?


Reno mice are cute and cuddly, but no one wants them in their home. They're one of the most common home-invading pests in the area, and they also pose a major threat to you and your home. Even though you don't realize it, you could be inviting these rodents to stay. Find out why you have mice and what you should do to keep them away.... Read More

an up close image of a bed bug on furniture

Are These Bed Bugs In My Reno, NV Home?


There’s an innumerable amount of pests on earth, and lots of them look very similar. On the other hand, many are unique. In any case, it’s not always easy figuring out what’s snuck into your Reno home. Whatever infestation hints you see may clear things up, but various pests have signals in common.... Read More

an up close image of a german cockroach crawling

How To Get Rid Of German Cockroaches In Your Reno, NV Home


Recurring pest remediation is always necessary, whether you’ve seen insects and creatures around your Reno home or not. The widely spread belief that you can slack on services after a while is false. Critters never let up on trying to violate properties. In fact, some can get indoors and prosper without being caught for a long time. ... Read More

an up close image of a black widow spider in its web

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Reno, NV Home


There are many justifiable reasons why people don’t like spiders. In most cases, they create these gluey webs that are nearly transparent. Folks accidentally walk into them a lot. The arachnids also tend to have venomous fangs. A single bite can lead to great pain or a visit to the hospital. No Reno homeowner wants to have to deal with these bugs. ... Read More

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