How Dangerous Is It To Have Moles In My Reno Yard?


Have you ever seen a mole? Maybe you've heard of these strange creatures and the damage they create around yards, but they are somewhat elusive. It can be challenging to identify a mole infestation, and many people have questions about what these animals are and the issues they cause. 
To help you out with mole problems, the Reno pest control professionals at Natura Pest Control have created this guidebook. We'll detail what moles are, what attracts them, and what you can do to remove them from your yard. 

mole in a hole

What Are Moles? 

You might have heard that moles are a type of rodent, but they are not. While they look similar to some rodent species, moles belong to a family of animals, including the shrew and other insectivores. Some of the confusion with moles likely comes from the fact that their name sounds so similar to "voles." But, voles are rodents, and moles are not.
Moles are brown to gray and have long snouts and large paws. These paws act as paddles as they dig tunnels into the earth and search for insects to eat. Most moles are around eight inches long. 
Moles live most of their lives entirely underground, so you might not ever see one even if they're living in your yard. You can look out for other signs of moles, such as raised ridges in the grass, mounds of dirt around the property, and patches of land that feel loose or squishy.

Is It Dangerous To Have Moles In My Yard? 

Generally, moles are considered nuisance pests because they don't pose health risks. Moles avoid humans as much as possible and rarely emerge from their networks of underground tunnels. While they could technically bite you, rarely, you'll even get close enough for that to happen.
The real issue with moles is the damage they do to your yard. They can destroy the grass and the roots of all kinds of plants. They also create unsightly mounds and ridges of landscaping that stick out like a sore thumb.

Why Do I Have Moles In My Yard? 

If you have a mole problem, it's probably because these pests are searching for food. Moles mostly eat grubs, lawn insects, and earthworms. So, if your property has many bugs for them to eat, they may decide to live there. 
The best way to prevent moles is to address the underlying pest problems that drew them in. You'll want to avoid common lawn pests, including ants, grubs, and mole crickets. Overall, the easiest way to prevent moles and their insect prey is with help from the wildlife control experts at Natura Pest Control.

How Do I Get Rid Of Moles For Good? 

Do you already have moles around your yard? These odd pests are quick and able to evade you using their tunnels easily, so it can be not easy even to apply treatment products. They can be tricky to remove once they create nests because they live in the soil.
But, don't worry. The Reno pest control professionals at Natura Pest Control offer the removal services you can trust. Just call us today to find out more about our home pest control plans.

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