Aphid Identification

What are aphids?

Aphids are tiny insects with a soft body that is pear-shaped and come in many colors like yellow, red, green, brown, or black. They have specialized piercing mouthparts that they use to pierce the flesh of plants and feed on their fluids. Individual aphids are tiny and easy to overlook, but these pests live together in large groups, which allows them to threaten our properties.

aphids infesting a plant

Are aphids dangerous?

Having large numbers of aphids feeding on the plants in your yards is problematic. Their feeding habits cause plants to become yellowed and unhealthy and, in some cases, lead to plant death. 

Aphids can also spread diseases, not to people but to plants. As aphids feed, they spread diseases from plant to plant through their saliva. 

Of most concern is the honeydew, a sticky substance that aphids produce. Honeydew attracts hungry insects that feed on the sweet substance and causes a moldy fungus to grow on plants, resulting in even more damage.

Why do I have an aphid problem?

If your yard has flower gardens, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, or flowering landscaping, then aphids could find their way onto your property. They are outdoor pests, and like other outdoor pests, they are opportunistic. Aphids will take advantage of any space, providing them somewhere to live and feed. 

Where will I find aphids?

Aphids live outside on the underside of leaves, though we can find them in our homes every once in a while, usually after they have been moved indoors on a potted plant.
The easiest way to know if aphids are a problem on your property is to look for honeydew on plants in your gardens. Also, a sudden influx of ants can indicate an aphid problem as ants love to feed on honeydew. 

How do I get rid of aphids?

To control aphids and prevent them from taking over your yard, contact the pest professionals at Natura Pest Control. We use pest control solutions that are effective and leave behind the smallest environmental footprint possible! We also offer our customers the most advanced pest control treatments possible. Let us help you maintain property not overrun by the pests that call Nevada home. Call now to learn more about our solutions to your aphid problem. 

How can I prevent aphids in the future?

Preventing aphids and other outdoor pests can be difficult. There is no way to stop these pests from finding a way onto your property. The best way to prevent problems with aphids is to partner with a professional and implement routine pest control services to stop these pests before they become a problem! For more information about our pest control services, reach out today.


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